My Polyvore Sets

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Let us discuss the phrase "must-have".  I was out looking for a wallet for one of my college kids this weekend, so of course I had to try on a few things.  The first thing I noticed was that practically every display sign in the store said must-have.  Well you can't 'must have' every shirt and sweater in every department.  
I tried on what turned out to be a shapeless cardigan, a shirt with sleeves that fell off my shoulders, and a black sleeveless shirt with an interesting layered look on the front.  All of these were supposed to be 'must have' pieces, and none of them were for me.  I decided that I would 'like to have' the black sleeveless shirt because it was interesting, and versatile.  While I follow fashion trends as much as the next person if not more, one should not let an overused phrase dictate what you decide to add to your wardrobe this fall.  Don't forget about classic pieces that last several seasons, they get the most mileage.  Word to the fashion advertising gurus, get a thesaurus.  Did I find the wallet?  Of course I did, a black leather trifold by Dockers for $10.40 on clearance.  Go Me!
Elle top from Kohl's