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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Athleta suits are pretty and well-made
Ah summer, who could not love the heat, the humidity, the global warming.  I'll tell you who, anyone who turned 40 in July, put on 3 pounds since last year, and whose pale skin resembles what's left of the glaciers.    3 pounds, mon Dieu!  Ship me off to the fat farm!  Ok so I overreacted.  Instead, I have been on a quest to eat healthier and cut out almost all processed foods.  So rather than posting about fashion I've been chopping up fresh fruit and vegetables for healthy work snacks.  A friend recently invited me to swim laps so of course I said 'yes' and then immediately realized that I didn't own a 'real' bathing suit.  My suit collection consists of skimpy string bikinis made for lounging in the sun and sipping mai tai's.  So I threw away a couple of circa 1990 french cut bikinis (yes I could still squeeze into them but it wasn't pretty) and hit the stores.  Apparently everyone who wears a size 6 bought their suits in June because the racks were bare of my size.  What was a girl to do?  After slathering myself with sunless tanner, I poured a glass of wine and ventured onto the world wide web in search of the perfect suit.  My first stop turned out to be the best source and in the end, the best suit.  I recalled a catalogue called Athleta that had come in the mail, which I really liked but had thrown away in an effort not to shop.  The suits here are well made, and although a little pricey compared to the average store, well worth it.  After all, I still had suits from almost 20 years ago  so if you do the math, a good suit is worth the extra dollars up front.  I got 4 pieces, 2 of which are reversible so I can mix and match all of the pieces for variety.  They also have great exchange policies at this company, but I did find the pieces to be true to size with their charts.  Good Luck ladies, if you've been putting off bathing suit shopping, have no fear it can be done!   athleta web site