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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Distress Your Own Jeans

Ok ladies, it's time to channel Macgvyer.  Take an old pair of jeans that still fit, but you don't wear much.  Mine were an old pair of London Jeans in an outdated wash.  Next, go around the house and find things that might make good tools.  I found a funny shaped serrated knife that I rarely use, which I suspect has something to do with seafood.  Also,  I donned a coarse nail file, some sandpaper, a sponge and bleach.
First, go online and find a pair of distressed jeans that you like.  Observe where the distressing is and how much of it looks good to you.  I jumped right in, wielding my funny knife, and proceeded to cut my finger.  Go me!  So, blood stains are optional.
Saw the knife back and forth until you have a worn area - go lightly at first till you get the hang of it, you can always add more later.  Remember, the areas will get bigger in the wash so I recommend doing a little - washing the jeans and then doing some more.
I used the sand paper and nail file to rough up any corners like at the pockets and the zipper area.  Don't forget to work your knife across the bottom of the leg to give that frayed, worn in look.
Finally, put some bleach on a sponge and work it over the distressing - this adds a really nice faded look.  You can also rub some bleach down the center of the leg which will not only look worn, but also add nice contour.  Let them sit overnight & give them a final wash.  As you wear and wash the jeans they will look just like the ones you would have dished out big bucks to have.  Mine only cost me a band-aid!      

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeans Quest 09

Who doesn't have trouble finding jeans?  And while we're on the subject, who created skinny jeans?  I'd like to see those fit models, and feed them donuts.  If you are over 12 and not anorexic, skinny jeans do not always work.  Generally the proportions are just not flattering.  That is why someone created boot cut.  The good news is:  Boyfriend cut jeans are here, hips allowed ladies!  After trying on 30 or 40 pairs of jeans at local stores, here are my top picks for 2009:

If you do have hips, but would like to try a skinny jean: go for black, wear them with heels, and look for a pair with stretch.  Chico's have the best fit, and range approx. $48 on sale to $80 regular price.  Warning:  Do not try on skinny jeans without stretch, this will be depressing and cause you to eat.. thus making the skinny jean even more elusive.
Alternatively you could look for a slim leg, boot cut, or straight leg, such as Levi's, Chaps or Elle from Kohl's on sale $20 to $40.  Use those sale coupons!  Levi's and Chaps come in short sizes and have a nice variety of washes.
Boyfriend Fit is hot this fall, and comfortable!  But if you have short legs like me, wearing them rolled up cuts the leg in half rather than elongating.  A lot of boyfriend fit that I tried on had a huge waist.  Best fit I found were Chico's, which were distressed, but not ridiculously so.  Also, Old Navy boyfreind fit were just right and at $34.50, so was the price!

I will say, this year's fall jeans are much better cut at the waist.  There are a lot of mid-rise jeans which sit just below the natural waist, but not so low that your thongs are going to make an appearance in the produce aisle.
Short on cash but craving new jeans?  Take a pair of jeans you own that fit well but you are tired of - maybe the wash is out dated.  Distress them yourself with a  knife, nail file, sand paper, and bleach.  See my next post, making your own distressed jeans, for details.