My Polyvore Sets

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Bralette Trend

Let's talk about bralettes!  They are adorable, sexy, natural looking, and not for me (in public).  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wearing them around the house for comfort occasionally, I'm just not sure small children need to be exposed to me seeking a "trendy braless look".
If you are a young, thin A or B cup, go for it - they look great on your shape!  If you are like me.. over 40, in reasonably good shape thanks to power yoga and swimming, but wear a 32 D... gravity is not your friend.  Your girls should be like a good fastball, high and tight.
So many times we learn the hard way, that trends are not for everyone.  Despite the fact the we know this is true, inevitably we ignore common sense and try wearing things that just aren't flattering.  I'm not looking forward to seeing all shapes and sizes of people wearing bralettes around town, no doubt coupled with a low cut shirt.  In fact, this brings up my next subject, they should not make certain things in certain sizes.  When you type "Bralettes in DD" in the google search bar, there should probably be NO results, or maybe the answer should just read "don't go there".  Support was invented for a reason, in fact not wearing a supportive bra could aggravate back and neck pain for the very busty.  It's no secret that poorly fitting bras can also lead to premature sagging of the skin, oooo that sounds sexy.    If you think the bralettes are cute and comfy, get a couple and wear them around the house.  Maybe even wear them to the grocery store once or twice when you are feeling bold!  But in general, a supportive bra is the best way to go, especially if you are a C cup or larger.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Perfect Summer Shoe

You try on shoes in the store, they seem to be comfortable.  You walk around the store, look at them in the mirror, the salesperson says how lovely they look.  The next day, you promptly build your outfit around your new shoes and wear the shoes to work, and after an hour your feet are in severe pain.  A blister, something rubbing against your ankle, the toe box is too small.  Sound familiar?  I have come to appreciate buying shoes online based upon other people's reviews.  If they say "you could play basketball in these pumps", I'm going to try them.
By the time you realize you have found the perfect shoe, it's becoming worn out and you panic.  I need another pair!  But after hours of scouring obscure shoe websites, you find them discontinued and  nobody has your size leftover at which point you yell "nooooooo" into your computer screen.
When I got these shoes online, they seemed like the perfect summer shoe.  It only took 2 days to realize, the color, and fit of this sandal was going to get me through summer with very happy feet.  The flattering nude cashmere color goes with everything; and the wedge heel lends itself nicely to shorts, skirts, and dresses.  You guessed it, I ordered every color before they are sold out or discontinued!  Thank you Sofft for delivering once again!