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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Art of Shopping

Those who don't enjoy it, consider shopping a chore.  I consider it and art form of self expression.. and I enjoy the challenge of beating retailers into submission for the best price.  Certain colors, matching outfits, finding classic pieces at bargain prices - this all puts a smile on my face.  Lately though I have not been shopping for myself, gasp!  I have been on a quest to accommodate my college graduate son with a grown-up wardrobe.  Shopping for men is just as much of an art as it is for women.  Finding classic pieces, watching sales, getting mix and matchable things that have more than one use - these were my goals.
We started with the buy one get one free sale at Mens Warehouse for 2 classically tailored blazers and dress pants.  Added on 2 shirts and 2 ties that were all mix and match in classic charcoal grey, black, navy, and tan.  He needed real dress shoes, as his sketchers would not be satisfactory - black and brown buy one get one half off.  A little sale watching, a 30% off coupon, and some Kohl's Cash netted 3 suits, 3 v-neck sweaters, 2 shirts, and 3 ties.  The clearance sale at Boscov's added a 3/4 zip Izod sweater in a neutral shade for $15, a charcoal gray Izod knit vest for $14, and 2 more name brand ties for $5 each!  I am happy to announce:  the new and improved complete wardrobe makeover of Master Derrick is a success.  He has plenty of mix and match grown-up separates, suitable for any occasion.  I'm sure there will still be days of college style ragged jeans and hoodies; but he's now ready to take on the full time job of job hunting!

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